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Real-time alerts for real
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With take action to minimize privacy threats to your personal information online. We help you remove yourself from online databases, stay up-to-date with privacy settings on Facebook, delete tracking cookies, and much more. Learn more » helps you protect your personal information and stay shielded from identity theft with real-time alerts so you can take action. There‚Äôs nothing to download or to install. Learn more »

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REAL-TIME ALERTS helps you stay up to the minute on activities that affect your online privacy and identity. Receive immediate alerts conveniently via email or text if your personal information is exposed online, if anyone tries to steal your identity, or if any large-scale data breaches occur.

REAL PRIVACY provides you with a comprehensive view of your privacy online. With you will be able to control the visibility of personal information online such as your home address. We also provide detailed instructions on how to keep your information private on Facebook and other sites.

REAL PROTECTION continuously scans the web for your personal information to provide you with the latest status of your online identity. And if a problem arises, our support team is there to help you manage any issues and minimize potential damage. also provides a 7-day money back guarantee.


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Learn More Financial Alerts help you ensure your credit, finances and identity are secure. We alert you when your personal information is used on a new application for credit or services.

How Financial Monitoring Works:

Financial Event, Alert, Verificaion, Investigation and Resolution

Your information is input into the Network, which scans billions of financial events and transactions in real time.

If your information is used in an application within the network you are instantly alerted via SMS or email.

You'll have the opportunity to verify whether or not you authorized the application.

If you did not authorize the application, our expert staff will work with financial institutions to help you resolve the event.

Why Use Financial Alerts: Financial Alerts are your best defense against identity theft and protection from credit fraud. You will receive an email or SMS INSTANTLY to alert you when your information is used on a new application for credit.

How Investigation and Resolution Works:

If you receive a Financial Alert for an account you personally opened, simply dismiss the alert from your dashboard. If you receive an alert for an account you don't recognize, we will investigate the incident for you, and work with creditors on your behalf to help minimize financial damage.

Learn More About Your Risk Level

Risk Level Gauge

Your Risk Level assesses your risk of identity theft. It is not reflective of your credit score, rather a measure of your risk of being a victim of identity fraud or theft.

Risk Levels fall into three main categories of risk: low, moderate and high.

A low risk level indicates that there is not a strong likelihood of you being a victim of ID theft. However, it is not a guarantee and we recommend you continue to monitor your financial information with instant alerts to ensure the safety of your identity.

A moderate or high risk level indicates a higher possibility of your identity being at risk of theft. We recommend paying attention to your privacy and financial alerts and taking recommended actions to help keep your personal information out of the hands of those looking to commit identity fraud.

If you have additional questions about your risk level, contact our help department at