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Identity Theft: A Crime of Opportunity

Identity Theft: A Crime of Opportunity The FTC reports that more than 9 million people each year fall victim to identity theft. Before working in the identity theft protection industry, I was like most people. I thought, “It’ll never happen to me.” At that time, my idea of identity protection was finely tearing up bills […]

Send Your Teenager to College with a Secure Laptop

Your teenager is ready to head off to college. Is his/her laptop ready, too? Whether you just bought a new laptop for the school year or your teenager is taking an existing one, it’s good to review the security measures that are currently in place. The theft of sensitive data from a computer can lead […]

FBI Friday: Disaster Relief Scams

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website is a valuable resource. It has a lot of information about many different types of identity theft that we at want to share with our readers. Once a month, we’ll highlight a news announcement, article, alert, or other item from the FBI website about identity theft so you can […]